Poster design, Steve Matteson. Band photo, Ron LeMaster

Our Annual Young People's Concert - The Circus Express!

A circus theme plus holiday music, you ask? Yep, and what better theme for our annual young people's concert? For those of you who get a little weary of constant holiday music, we are offering a respite of energetic and fun pieces, including Entry of the Gladiators by Fucik, and Barnum and Bailey's Favorite by King. Kids of all ages won't be able to resist our friend Tubby the Tuba. For those of you who can't imagine a December concert without some holiday cheer, get your voices ready for the Christmas Sing-A-Long and a warm rendition of The Night Before Christmas. We'll have something for everyone, especially the young ones in your life.

Featured tuba soloist:

Benjamin Schardt, Boulder Concert Band tubist and percussionist will be playing Tubby the Tuba.

Free refreshments provided by our clarinet, bass clarinet, and yes, even our contra-bass clarinet sections.

Special lobby guests Warren Hammond from the Boulder Circus Center - and inspiring youth performers, too!

Got a Group?

We want to help make it possible for your group, especially those who might need a little help, to enjoy our concerts. We can arrange for reserved seating, offer group discounts, and help accommodate your group in any way possible. Be sure to let us know in advance. Contact Marilyn at 303-478-3044 or boulderconcertband

Emcee Jeff Gagliardi

will narrate "The Night Before Christmas" and "Tubby the Tuba"!

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• April 16, 2016 -
"Original Works for Wind Band” featuring All Stars Are Love by Steven Bryant, co-commissioned by the Boulder Concert Band

The Boulder Concert Band has found rehearsal space!

After a long and arduous search, We are thrilled to announce that we have procured a great rehearsal space at the Harvest Baptist Church located at 7493 Old Mill Trail, Boulder, CO (Gunbarrel)

Our first fall rehearsal will kick off at 7 PM on Monday September 8th as planned.

We would like to profusely thank everyone who took extra time to help with our search for rehearsal space, especially Peter Gowan, Gary Lloyd, and Beth Ornstein. And a huge shout-out goes to David Norman, who suggested Harvest church and put me in touch with them.

Check out our new Meet The Band section!


The Boulder Concert Band is looking for skilled and interested musicians for the following sections:


If you are a musician who is interested in playing with us and can play one of those instruments (or even if you play another instrument) please contact us for more information!